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So I have been working on the website for a couple weeks now but it is so frustrating trying to find the time. I have to spend endlless minutes on the web looking for thinspo or going back and forth between pages to write the calories down for something but it is all worth it as long as people find it thinspirational. :) I have  een feeling frazzled lately, I started a fast this past week on monday but I put a couple pounds back on and everytime I start fasting or watching calorie intake I feel like I'm never going to be skinny and it is so frustrating I just want to cry. Then my mom was asking me if I lost weight today and I'm just thinking NO!!! I'm still fat! I am going to start fasting on monday again because this coming up weekend I have snowcoming and I'm going up north to my dads to go with this really cute guy that I like alot but I can't date because my dad lives 3 hrs away. That doesn't mean I can't look good though! :)