Blog Archives - Craving Thin
Now is the time to start dieting. Crack down on that will power ladies because pretty soon we will be slipping on bikinis....or one-pieces if you feel more comfortable. I will be starting a fast this Tuesday after Memorial Day so please anyone, everyone, join in! We will probably go until Friday and then anybody who wants to continue, may then do so.
I have been having mixed emotions all the time. I want to be skinny, but I don't want to have an eating disorder. I am bulimic. Full Blown. It gets frustrating to have to think about food 24-7 but I just can't stop. I dream about binging and what I will binge on. Then when I start to eat healthy normal meals, I can't stop. So then I gain just 1 or 2 pounds and I freak out, so I start purging again. Ahh..the cycle of an ed.
Just joking..I'm really not that mean. But nobody ever emails or comments anything on here. I know people are on here because I can check how many people visit a day so don't tell me there isn't anybody on here. I know it's not the best site or you may just be checking it out but I would really appreciate it if you guys would ANSWER ME! lol. Have a nice day...