Bikini Season - Craving Thin
10/31/2011 09:29:05

Hey are you updating this site anymore? Email me.

Yeah right
3/17/2012 08:50:43

It's obvious she IS NOT updating this sight anymore. Probably due to the fact that she is DEAD! Anorexia is not a joke, or something to be proud of, strive for, or encourage. Disgusting. Boney is NOT beautiful. Fit and healthy is. Exercise and eat in a healthful way and you'll be fine. YOU DO NOT NEED AN EATING DISORDER!!!

12/9/2013 22:47:20

A model's story - from the other side.
When will healthy be considered attractive?

Roz Bundy
4/26/2012 14:45:33

This is the most frightening website that I have ever seen. Am researching 'thinspo' because I am a teacher and am very worried about the impact that such sites are having on impressionable and damaged young people. I can only hope that she is no longer posting because she has stopped hurting herself

Oh My God
3/22/2014 06:14:50

This is so sad. Anorexia is a mental disease, just like alcoholism. Would you let an alcholic keep drinking and ruin their life? Stop this. Who are you trying to impress? Other girls? Or boys? They probably pity you. Healthy is beautiful. This is sickening.

7/9/2014 17:33:27

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