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Now is the time to start dieting. Crack down on that will power ladies because pretty soon we will be slipping on bikinis....or one-pieces if you feel more comfortable. I will be starting a fast this Tuesday after Memorial Day so please anyone, everyone, join in! We will probably go until Friday and then anybody who wants to continue, may then do so.
I have been having mixed emotions all the time. I want to be skinny, but I don't want to have an eating disorder. I am bulimic. Full Blown. It gets frustrating to have to think about food 24-7 but I just can't stop. I dream about binging and what I will binge on. Then when I start to eat healthy normal meals, I can't stop. So then I gain just 1 or 2 pounds and I freak out, so I start purging again. Ahh..the cycle of an ed.
Just joking..I'm really not that mean. But nobody ever emails or comments anything on here. I know people are on here because I can check how many people visit a day so don't tell me there isn't anybody on here. I know it's not the best site or you may just be checking it out but I would really appreciate it if you guys would ANSWER ME! lol. Have a nice day...
First things first, I know nothing has changed for like the past month or so but I have a solid excuse. The internet at home has been shut off and thats where I did most of my research and pictures for Craving Thin. Also track has started so that cuts out time after school where I can do things in the library. Then again, it's not like we have a ton of people coming on this website so Ha! Anyways there is this one website where it's people like us, only their fat and want to gain weight. It truly is disgusting and has pictures and everything. Check it out if your in the need of some reverse thinspo! :
So lately I haven't really been doing anything weight wise and I've racked on a couple pounds. Worse, I haven't even cared about taking them off. But that stops now. I have started a fast today to not only cleanse my body but to cleanse my soul. It will be at least 3 days and if you would like to join me you can.

On a second note, it is rather depressing to see how few people come here and I will be circulating the site once it is one hundred percent finished. Also I want to look in to being able to have your own profiles and forums and stuff like that.

PEACE! Have fun starving :)
Yes, don't laugh. I didn't know that the right way to cut was up and down your arm not side to side. Well how was I supposed to know, it's not like I had ever googled it before...until today. So yes, if you do not know already, the right and most effective way to cut is up and down your arm from wrist to about the middle of the arm because apparently you bleed alot faster and more. If you already knew this, then you can laugh at my stupidity. Ha Ha Ha (sarcastic)
So I am staying after school today till my mom picks me up and I just found this online. It's an article about obesity and its kinda funny...the person is pretty mean. Check it out :)
So I have been working on the website for a couple weeks now but it is so frustrating trying to find the time. I have to spend endlless minutes on the web looking for thinspo or going back and forth between pages to write the calories down for something but it is all worth it as long as people find it thinspirational. :) I have  een feeling frazzled lately, I started a fast this past week on monday but I put a couple pounds back on and everytime I start fasting or watching calorie intake I feel like I'm never going to be skinny and it is so frustrating I just want to cry. Then my mom was asking me if I lost weight today and I'm just thinking NO!!! I'm still fat! I am going to start fasting on monday again because this coming up weekend I have snowcoming and I'm going up north to my dads to go with this really cute guy that I like alot but I can't date because my dad lives 3 hrs away. That doesn't mean I can't look good though! :)