Disgusting Website - Craving Thin
First things first, I know nothing has changed for like the past month or so but I have a solid excuse. The internet at home has been shut off and thats where I did most of my research and pictures for Craving Thin. Also track has started so that cuts out time after school where I can do things in the library. Then again, it's not like we have a ton of people coming on this website so Ha! Anyways there is this one website where it's people like us, only their fat and want to gain weight. It truly is disgusting and has pictures and everything. Check it out if your in the need of some reverse thinspo! :
5/25/2010 11:32:16

to be honest this is one of the best websites i have come across so far. it really helps.

5/11/2013 07:03:41

its excellent!thin girls a perfect!who wants to be fat erg its disgusting. go eat some cake,you obviously havent any willpower


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