F U All! - Craving Thin
Just joking..I'm really not that mean. But nobody ever emails or comments anything on here. I know people are on here because I can check how many people visit a day so don't tell me there isn't anybody on here. I know it's not the best site or you may just be checking it out but I would really appreciate it if you guys would ANSWER ME! lol. Have a nice day...
10/23/2013 23:50:57

your website is amazing omg! I just came across it for the first time, I love ittt!

Miishaela Meadows
10/18/2015 01:08:31

Hi! I really love your site..You're poetry is really amazing and beautiful, even though the last few on your page convey a lot of sadness. Really good use of metaphors and imagery. I write poetry as well and I really love yours and could relate as well. I've been diagnosed with Anorexia Binge Purge Subtype and have been in and out of recovery for 12 years (I'm 28), currently in relapse. Your sight is awesome. I have a couple of Ana buddies and was wondering if you would like to be mine? Email me when you get a chance!
" We look to skeletons as goddesses, as if they shall teach us not to want." Stay strong, Mishaela. :)

Alex Jones
11/4/2015 17:43:24

Hey! Your site is amazing. I really love it. It gives me inspiration to be thinner. I am 13 years old and I have been starving myself for a couple of months now. It's fun. My height is 5'6". Current weight:117 Goal weight:100. I have no Ana buddies and it's hard not having one. I need an Ana buddie! Email me if you get the chance.


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