Ice cream sandwich
I love you so
Strawberry middle
Chocolaty dough

There in times
Of comfort and need
Or so I thought
You are filled with greed

Ana tells me this
Don't try to lie
You're the reason
For my gigantic thigh

The muffin top
From dorito's last week
Then came those dimples
In my down there cheeks

Ana please come to my rescue
I have forgetten how to be
Food is in my stomach
This is not the real me

Unearth my new body
My soon refreshed soul
Now I have inner strength
Instead of that ice cream bowl

Made by yours truly :)

They call me gross, Call me thin
Your hateful words will never win
I'll keep holding on for as long as it takes
I will never be fat again, I've learned from my mistakes
No food, no binge, I'll never eat
Because if I do, it screams defeat
But when I do eat, I cry and cry
A gross thing like me deserves to die
I await the day I'm carried by a balloon
I'll never eat, so that day will be soon
They call me gross, but I say thin
Together, Ana and I will surely win

With razor kissed wrists.
No one.
Stops me.
How can I live like this?
My scars.
They taunt me.
And call back for more.
"Never again,"
They whisper,
"Will you hurt anymore."

why can't you see, i'm dying inside
why can't you see, the real me.
why can't you see, my ultimate goals.
why can't you see,what i'm aiming to be.
you call me
beautiful,when only i know the truth.
i'm fat, ugly, stupid,
for putting up with this shit.but i can't stop.
i already hate myself too much.
i've gone too far already.
there's no point in turning back.
until i win.
i shall do what i do best.
i shall hate myself thin.

You look past me

With a frown and a sigh
Does it even bother you
That you're the reason I cry

All I ask for is acceptance
Or just a little love
I thought you cared once before
How wrong I was

You're rude to me
You think I don't care
Yes I know I made mistakes
That you couldn't bear

I have realized my wrong
Even though you weren't always right
But if that is what it takes
I will try not to fight

Event that doesn't work
Nothing is too good for you
Well guess what?
Ana loves me too

She shows me
She is always there
I know now to behave
Because she is one that does care

No chicken fingers for me
Not today not ever
For I have a goal
Of what will show on that tape measure

The pounds sink off
One by one
People start noticing
But I am not done

Guys look now
And see me with new eyes
I am still the fat ugly cow
I deserve to die

You see now
How much it hurt
You beg for me back
And cry as you hug me in my shirt

Too bad for you
I don't really care
I had to make a decision between you two
Ana doesn't like to share


Some more poems made by moi:  :)  .......they are more depressing poems than thinspo

In a trance
cold vegetated state
high off pain
of everything around

I sit and stare
into the noire(black in french) empty abyss
creeping into my brain
slowly sucking me in

I do not try to stop her
welcome her thoughts
of a quiet trance of bliss
lasting eternity

The blade rips my throat
Gagging me with disgust
Forcing out my sins

I open my mouth
With the scream of blood
But my lips are glued shut
Splitting at the seams

I collapse on the ground
Begging to die
The pain has me paralyzed
Between death and despair

I close my eyes
And hum my melodic cry
No tears come out

I feel...

emotions fill into one...

pain of guilt
swirling around my neck
choking me silently

pain of my heart
splintered with ice
so cold it burns

pain of life
too complicated
but yet too simple
enough already