Reasons To Be Thin
Give Me 1 reason to eat and I will give you 75 reasons why you shouldn't...

1. Thin is beautiful.
2. I want to be under 100 pounds.
3. I want to be a size 0.
4. I want people to say i am "so thin."
5. I want my friends to be jealous of how thin I am.
6. I want to see my ribs.
7. I want to see my hipbones.
8. I want to be more comfortable with someone touching me.
9. I want to be the littlest one.
10. Losing weight is one thing I can be good at.
11. I deserve to die.
12. I want to feel beautiful and attractive.
13. I want to be other people's thinspiration.
14. I want to be perfect.
15. I need it.
16. I want it.
17. I just need to feel beautiful.
18. I want guys to lift me up effortlessly.
19. I want to alter the smallest size of any dress to make it tighter.
20. I don't want to feel the pain.
21. This is the way I should die, by suffering.
22. I want to feel my bones.

23. I want to be that 'thin girl.'
24. I want to be pretty.
25. I want to be loved.
26. I want to be able to have confidence.
27. I want to be happy.
28. I want people to want me.
29. I just want to be thin.
30. I just want to have control over something in my life.
31. I want a helium balloon to carry me up into the clouds.
32. People will find me more attractive.
33. I will not be anyone's reverse trigger.
34. I can look good in anything.
35. People will want to be around me more.
36. Being thin is proof to myself that I am a strong person and I can do something right  for a change.
37. I want people to think I'm fragile and light so they want to protect me and look after me.
38. I love the power I feel when I am hungry and don't eat anything to fill that void.
39. I love the feeling of my clothes becoming baggy and the comments that I have lost weight.
40. I want to be the one with the flattest stomach and smallest waist.
41. I want to fit 5 of me through the door all at the same time.
42. I wish to dance between the raindrops without getting wet.
43. I want to turn sideways and dissapear before your eyes.
44. I want people that know me to turn around and say "wow, you look great!"
45. I want to be sure when I sit on someones lap,t hey will not suffer because of my fat.
46. I will be able to be picked up without breaking someones back.
47. I can look good in anything.
48. I can walk down the street.
49. I won't have to worry about sitting down and my thighs looking like squished jelly.
50. I want people to pick me up and say "your so light."
51. I want to be able to wear skirts and shorts without my legs wobbling like jelly.
52. I want to be able to look inthe mirror and know I have achieved something.
53. I want to not quit on one thing in my life and finish it all the way through.
54. I want to get rid of self-conscious feelings of being fat.
55. I want to be able to feel confident wearing a bathing suit.
56. I want this challenge.
57. I need something to keep me off of my thoughts.
58. I want to win.
59. I need control.
60. I feel like crap after eating.
61. If I don't eat, I won't binge.
62. Calories can't make me happy.
63. Eating makes me miserable.
64. I can run on sheer mind power alone.
65. I have the will power.
66. I want people to look at me and think, "I wish I was that thin."
67. I won't hate my body.
68. I don't want to take up space.
69. I want to be delicate and light like all the other dancers.
70. I want to be a ballerina.
71. I want to fit into the xx-small clothes and still have them be baggy.
72. I don't want somebody to tell me my shirt is too tight.
73. I want people to admire my will power over food.
74. I want people to say that I'm small and not just mean short.
75. I want to ask the fitting room attendant if they have anything smaller.